Indonesia is home to some of the most talented individuals! It is no shock to see how many inspiring and young individuals we have today who are making Indonesia a brighter place one day at a time. Whether it's the entertainment industry, philanthropy industry, sports, technology or others, we definitely have someone making a change in it. Hardworking, risk-takers and definitely driven to succeed- here are six of our Generation T Honourees who continue to shine.

Isyana Sarasvati

Isyana Sarasvati first started her singing career as a YouTube star, where she was often seen performing covers. In 2015, Isyana released her first album and has only been going strong ever since. With that beautiful voice and strong vocals, we only see her going upwards and onwards. 

Sabrina Bensawan

We all know Sabrina Bensawan for her passion for philanthropy. At 16 years old, Sabrina launched her very own non-profit organisation called Saab Shares, which works to support children’s education, healthcare and female empowerment, and carries the motto of “Educate, empower, elevate”. Today, at 20 years old, Sabrina has definitely created an empire for herself!

Samuel Wongso

Being the fourth generation and proudly continuing the family business, Samuel Wongso knows how to do it all. The suit designer at Wong Hang Tailor definitely knows how a good suit works and is always seen looking handsome in one. The tailor is progressively growing and curates formal suits for sophisticated gentlemen. With such hard work and determination, we believe that Samuel's only going to keep surprising us more.

Fenessa Adikoesoemo

celebrity-20180808114430-FenessaAdikoesoemo_cropped_300x300.jpgPhoto: Photo Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler

When it comes to the art scene in Indonesia, Fenessa Adikoesoemo is a name with promising prospects. Being the chairwoman of the Museum Macan Foundation—a modern and contemporary museum in Jakarta—Fenessa’s passion for art is undeniable, which makes her successfully chosen for the Gen. T list.

Emily Jaury

The founder of fashion brand Love and Flair and a fashionista herself, Emily Jaury knows fashion better than anyone else. Emily, along with a friend, first launched her brand in 2014 and today most of their items are locally made. Love and Flair’s first store opened up in 2017 at Plaza Indonesia and launches gorgeous outfits for all girls out there through each and every one of their collections.

Irene Sukandar

It’s safe to say that Irene is amazing as what she does as this chess player started off at the young age of 7! At the age of 16, Irene was given the title of Indonesia’s first Woman Grandmaster and has taken part in a number of competitions worldwide, including the Asian Continental Championship and SEA Games, among others.

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