Inspirational, educational and glamorous—the annual Breakthrough Prize ceremony in California is attended by the world’s leading scientists, Hollywood stars, and Silicon Valley tech titans. This time, they were joined by trailblazing entrepreneurs from across Asia, as Generation T took a delegation of its honourees to attend the seventh annual “Oscars of science”.

During the three-day trip, the honourees enjoyed a packed programme in Silicon Valley, including the awards ceremony at Nasa’s Hangar One, brunch with Breakthrough founders Yuri and Julia Milner at their Los Altos Hills estate, tours of the headquarters of Facebook, YouTube and Impossible Foods, and a special Breakthrough Prize Symposium. (27).jpg

The Breakthrough Prize awards ceremony was held at Nasa's Hangar One (30).jpg

Joel Neoh, Stephanie Lee Sy, Steven Kim, Oceana Ou, Sean Fitzpatrick, Aaron Lee, Tamara Lamunière, Arrif Ziaudeen, Michel Lamunière, Khailee Ng and Kathy Gong at the Breakthrough Prize awards ceremony (28).jpg

Aaron Lee at YouTube (31).jpg

Arrif Ziaudeen, Yuri Milner and others, brunch at the Milner residence (29).jpg

At the Breakthrough Prize Symposium (32).jpg

Khailee Ng at Facebook HQ

Image from iOS (1).jpg

Marie-Charlotte Bulté, Joel Neoh, Tamara Lamunière and Christian Reuwer at Facebook HQ

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