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As a woman who is passionate about business, being BNI’s Head of Wealth Management Division is not surprising to Neny Asriany—majoring in agricultural business also didn’t stop her from pursuing her real passion. Armed with the business lessons she learned back in college, Neny succeeded in innovating and developing the division.

Even before working with BNI, Neny had been a loyal long-time customer who realised that the difference between BNI and other banks lies in its services. “BNI only provides the best since it believes that clients make the bank the way it is today, and BNI wants to keep the clients’ trust,” she said. Now part of BNI, she keeps innovating new services for its Emerald Services clients, such as the new BNI Helicity. Collaborating with Whitesky Aviation, BNI gives a 15 per cent discount to every BNI Emerald World Debit Card (BEC) client for a helicopter charter service, providing speed and comfort to businesspeople.

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As she became busier, Neny realised that being with family is the best way to spend her spare time. “I have always worked from Monday to Friday from when the sun rises till it sets,” she said. “I believe that my family is my source of energy and happiness, which is why I always enjoy time spent with them.” Neny further stated that she only accepts calls from work on weekdays because she only focuses on her family time at weekends.

As a successful head, she shared with us tips on how to be a great leader that the team will look up to, such as by giving good advice, and having commitment and passion. “If the leader wants team members to give their all, he or she should be more passionate than they are,” said Neny. “Give the best in everything you do so that the whole team will have faith in you.”

A leader should also have conviction, she added, because that is the face of the team for others to follow commands with confidence and trust. Integrity is another key trait because without it, no success is real, no success is possible, and no success will happen.

For Neny, a leader also needs to have a lot of experience from working in different positions to help understand how the team works, how one’s position affect the whole team, and how to be a leader. “If only I could tell something for my younger self,” she said in closing, “I would like to tell myself to work harder because, in the end, there is no success without sacrifice.”

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