Power couple Rosan Perkasa Roeslani and Anak Agung Ayu Manik Mulyaheni have been married for 13 years. With the recently elected husband as the chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the couple believes that family is still the number-one priority while understanding and communication are the keys to achieving success in a loving relationship.

Blessed with three children: Raisya (12), Razan (9) and Ranisya (7), Rosan has to juggle his time between his family, his activities at the Chamber of Commerce, his work as the chairman of Recapital Group, and his current project with Acuatico, a water plant and distribution company, as well as his property interests.

“I have had to travel to many different areas in Indonesia for the Palapa Fund programme organised by the Chamber of Commerce, and this has taken some of my time away from my family. But fortunately, my wife and kids have been very understanding and supportive.

“We all believe that my duty at the Chamber of Commerce is worthy contribution to the country in helping to raise the Indonesian economy together with the other members and the chamber’s programmes,” says Rosan who was previously its Vice Chairman of the Division of Banking and Finance. “At first I felt that being elected chairman would be a lot of work, but now I feel that this is a challenge that I enjoy and I should accomplish to push myself to grow,” he adds.

Looking composed and relaxed, Rosan trusts that life should be lived with good intentions and sincerity while always being grateful. He says that one should not hold any grudges and take things easy to be able to move on and learn from one’s mistakes.

“Whenever there are good or bad situations, we should take them as lessons to help us grow and move forward so we won’t hold any bad feelings in our hearts. We should be grateful of what we have, because the most important thing for me is togetherness in family.”

“My husband and I actually have very different backgrounds, but that’s the reason we complete each other,” says Ayu. “I come from a Balinese family with its own customs and traditions, while Rosan is from Jakarta. Tradition has it that a Balinese girl should not be with someone who does not come from the same ethnicity or caste,” she says. “When we were first introduced, it never occurred to me that there was a possibility that we would be together. But Rosan was very thoughtful, caring and full of attention, and I slowly melted.

“At first, we dated behind my parents’ backs, but we were young and in love, and we decided to pursue our relationship further and make it serious. At that time, my husband talked to me about the risks, but he said that I had to speak with my parents if we want to have a serious relationship,” she continues.

“As a girl, I too wanted my marriage to be sacred and have the consent of the family. Thankfully, both sets of parents gave their blessings, even if we had to be engaged for a year before getting married. I then decided to follow my husband and convert to Islam. We had our akad nikah in Bali and decided to create a Balinese wedding in Jakarta,” she adds.

“Just like any other marriage, we have had our ups and downs, especially during the first years and with our cultural differences. But we had promised to each other that whatever problems that occurred in our household, they would only be between us, and we would not take them out outside the house.

“A marriage with differences like ours has its own set of challenges and a couple has to be solid and unified in facing such problems—even our parents don’t need to know everything,” says Ayu.

“What I love the most about my husband is that he is very understanding and caring. Even with his busy schedule and new duties, he still spares some times for the kids and me. He will spend most weekends with us and sometimes we go to an island to play at the beach and go snorkelling. Sometimes we have a ‘date night’, which is usually dinner alone with each other.

“This gesture is very meaningful for me. My husband is wise; he can create a balance at home, and he can keep me calm with his insights and made me see a different perspective on life and he has made me more grateful.”

Says Rosan: “What I love about my wife is that she is very passionate and loving towards the children. I salute her total dedication towards the family and the kids. She has made me wiser and more patient, and she has also taught me to be more selfless and thoughtful towards others and towards our family.” 


Photo credits: Andrew Octaviano - Clockwise Pictures

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