Having grown in a humble yet loving and supporting family, Oesman Sapta Odang is used to working hard and working smart since young. After starting out as a labourer and a small-scale trader, Oesman then started a successful construction business before branching out to a total of 11 companies today under the OSO Group. From developing property to investment, mining, plantation and many other ventures, Oesman has amassed enough wealth to be listed in Globe Asia’s 2016 list of 150 Richest Indonesians list.

He continues on, however, by giving back to society—especially the indigenous communities around Indonesia—starting from his birthplace in Kalimantan before continuing on to his mother’s hometown, among others. Oesman focuses not only on the groups of denizen but also the migrants. For his efforts, he has been adopted into the Dayak Kayan Tribe in 2002, and received honorific titles of Datuk from Bangka Belitung and Minangkabau’s Sulit Air communities. Besides having seats in the Regional Representative Council and the People’s Consultative Assembly, today Oesman also holds position in agrarian associations, sports organisations, and so much more.

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