“She is my soulmate,” says Raam Punjabi of his wife Rakhee, who he married in 1971 and has since faced the trials and tribulations of life with hand-in-hand. Rakhee also says that she has found her soulmate in Raam. “This bond has made us walk the same path looking in the same direction,” she says. Reflecting on their marriage, Rakhee adds that family was of utmost importance for them, although friends carry immense meaning. “So what is of utmost importance is to smile and see smiles around us in every day of our lives,” she notes. Raam adds that Rakhee indeed is woman who epitomises kindness, the quality he first admired about her. On sharing advice to younger couples, he underlines the importance of accepting the shortcomings of one another. As for those still lingering in confusion in picking their partner for life, his advice is realising that fickleness is pointless. “If the feeling is mutual, grab the opportunity and stop bargaining around because no human is perfect,” he says.

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