Rumour Mill, a monthly column on, brings you the juiciest buzz of our esteemed socialites. Truth or fiction? You decide.

The Chaperone

One member of parliament is the talk of the town. He sent a memo to the consulate general asking the diplomatic mission to chaperone his teenage daughter on a school excursion.  

Global Climber

A social climber discovered a new way to paint herself as a globetrotter even though she only went on three trips last year. She took as many photos as possible and posted the shots on her social media outlets one per week for the whole year.

Photo Shop

A new girl in town wanted to change her image, so she logged into the social media along with a new, highly edited, profile photo. In a matter of days, she collected many new friends. But the scheme failed when one old friend tagged her in an untouched group photo.   

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