sabrina_joseph-singapore-s1_1.jpgThe co-founder of the popular e-shopping website, Hunstreet, celebrated her baby shower with her family and her best friends on at Como Cuisine in Singapore. The venue was beautifully decorated in navy-blue and gold, all topped off with a nautical theme. Ondemand photography app, SweetEscape, was present to do the afternoon’s exclusive shots. Exclusively to , Sabrina revealed that the decoration was based on the baby’s name: Alexander. “My husband, David, and I both love to travel and we believe that the world should be our oyster,” she told us. “Hence, we wanted to name our son Alexander after Alexander the Great—the conqueror of nations and protector of men.”sabrina_joseph-singapore-s1_84.jpg

Sabrina and her husband are expecting their son on September 30, which is the same date as their wedding, just last year. When asked about her feelings about being a first-time mum, she readily admitted that she’s scared, but at the same time excited: “You feel like you’re not ready, but the unknown is so full of beautiful surprises. So, I’m simply enjoying and trusting the process,” she said. Overall, the baby shower was an intimate session filled with a lot of laughter for Sabrina which was captured by SweetEscape. As pictured, two of her best friends, Rachel Lakhiani and Janice Winata, are also expecting. “It’s the best feeling—I’m extremely lucky to be able to embark in this foreign yet beautiful journey together with them,” said Sabrina.


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