The 33-year-old Indonesian badminton superstar, Liliyana Natsir, recently announced her retirement after a glorious 24-year career as Indonesia’s badminton athlete before she competed in her last match with her partner, Tontowi Ahmad, at the Indonesia Masters 2019. As soon as she announced her retirement, a #ThankyouButet hashtag was seen on the top trending list, paying homage to Lilyana’s marvellous accomplishments on Indonesia’s badminton scene. If you’re wondering what Liliyana’s life looks like away from the badminton court and intense competition, here we bring you a compilation of her activities other than badminton and  another side of her you might not know about.

Leisure time

After spending hours preparing for badminton matches, Liliyana knows how to spend good leisure time. She likes to take to Instagram to share beautiful photos of her getaways, which include Bali, China, Pattaya, and Denmark.

Family comes first

Family time is a must for Liliyana—even around her tight schedule, she always makes sure she has time for her family. On the last Mother’s Day, she shared a picture of her mum with a heartfelt caption about how much she means to her. Liliyana also likes to spend quality time with her sister’s children.

Athlete friends

Besides spending her time with family, Liliyana also likes to be with her dearest friends, and it seems that Liliyana enjoys hanging out with other fellow athletes. On Instagram, we have seen Lilyana having a wonderful time with other legendary Indonesian players like Susi Susanti, Minarti Timur, and Vita Marissa. Too much talent in one picture!

Health priority

As an accomplished athlete, Liliyana likes to spend her time exercising. If she is not in her training sessions, Liliyana keeps her body in shape by doing her other favourite sport: swimming. Aside from the vigorous training schedule she maintains, Liliana also likes to have her Zen time by enjoying a good massage to help her relax and keep her balance.

Good at heart

Liliyana, who had us in tears after her win at the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, also has a good heart. She likes to take to Instagram,  and share pictures of her visiting orphanages and spending precious time with underprivileged children.

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