New Monday, new week, new rumours! We’re back and this time we’re here to give you some hot-off-the-press gossip to get you through the week. Even better, you get the answers right away! Keep reading.

Luna Maya speaks out about her break-up

Rumour has it that after her recent appearance as a special guest on Boy William’s #NebengBoy channel, Luna Maya broke down into tears while opening up about her recent break-up with entrepreneur Reino Barack. The couple, who were together for five long years, recently split up. Luna shared her thoughts and told the public that she is certainly still in love with Reino, also adding that they made a very good couple. She states that this break-up not only left her with the loss of a boyfriend, but of a best friend too. The primary difficulty the couple faced from the start was the family’s disapproval. Now, Luna, is going to focus on loving herself and centering on spending time with herself. 

Rumour: True

Afgansyah Reza’s dedication to Lion Air victims

The recent horrific Lion Air JT610 plane crash shocked the nation. With ongoing research and investigation into what happened to the plane, many celebrities have done their bit in offering their condolences. However, Afgansyah Reza, who also claims to be a nervous flyer, gets scared during plane turbulence from time to time, and always makes sure to pray before boarding a flight. The singer offered his deepest condolences to the victims of the plane crash by dedicating one song to them on November 3 at his Kuala Lumpur Concert. The song he dedicated was titled “Ku Mohon”, as this song got him through weak points and made him stronger, the same way he wants the families of the victims to feel.

Rumour: True

Richard Kyle on being called ‘Daddy’

Jessica Iskandar’s son, El Barack Alexender, recently referred to Richard Kyle as “daddy.” The 4-year-old had a presentation in school where he introduced his family. Little El Barack brought pictures of him, Richard, and Jessica, and pointed out: “This is me, this is my daddy. and this is my mummy!” Jessica took this precious moment to share as a video on Instagram. Richard Kyle is also reportedly known to be friendly with children.

Rumour: True

Bogdan Vlase’s Halloween ‘confession’

We can never get enough of Bogdan Vlase and Sophia Latjuba. However, Halloween was an interesting day as it showed Bogdan wearing a T-shirt that said: “I came as Sophia Latjuba’s husband” with some scary face paint. Maybe they’re really married or maybe it’s just a green light, who knows. 

Rumour: Unsure

Kaesang Pangarep’s secret talent

President Jokowi’s third and youngest son, Kaesang Pangarep, is known to the public as a YouTuber and a blogger. However, recently rumour has it that Kaesang also has another hidden talent, which is singing. What do you guys think? It would be so cool if the president’s son started giving us some hit songs to sing along to. 

Rumour: Unsure

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