Is Maia Estianty getting a new daughter in law?

Everyone seems to be talking about the lovebirds in town: El Rumi and Marsha Aruan ! El Rumi, son to Maia Estianty, and his girlfriend Marsha Aruan have seen hanging out with each other's friends and even families quite regularly. Moreover, it's rumoured that Marsha is also known to be quite tight with Maia Estianty. When asked if the reason to meet each other's families is as a way to portray the seriousness of their relationship, Marsha said yes! We wonder...

Rumour: unsure

Did Maudy Ayunda and Arsyah Rasyid broke up?

Who doesn’t know Indonesia’s most adorable couple Maudy Ayunda and Arsyah Rasyid? These two have been together for quite some time now and have always kept their relationship private. However, recently, Maudy and Arsyah were answering questions asked by fans on Instagram and she happened to mention that she and Arsyah did break up once, but figured their way through, just like every other relationship. The rumours that Maudy and Arsyah did break up has circulated once and maybe few times again in the future, but for now the lovebirds is solid as rock.

Rumour: false

Did Reino Barack propose to Syahrini?

Of course, we’re back with yet another Reino Barack and Syahrini update, because that’s just how interesting these two are. The new circulating new rumour: is it true that Reino has proposed to Syahrini? Unfortunately, no he has not. However, rumour has it that Syahrini was previously proposed by someone else as stated by Syahrini’s sister, Aisyahrani, that this happened a long time ago, but sadly the relationship was not meant to be.

Rumour: false

Nagita Slavina’s wants to adopt Gempi?

It’s public knowledge that Rafathar Malik Ahmad, son to Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina, is good friends with Gempita Nora Marten, daughter to Gading Marten and Gisella Anastasia. Recently, in the middle of a photoshoot with Nagita Slavina and her son, Nagita happened to worry about Gempi’s whereabouts and asked her to join them in the fear of her being alone. Nagita is worried that all the ongoing divorce happening between Gempita’s parents might affected her.

Rumour: true

Nia Ramadhani in an illegal cosmetic case

Recently, the cases of illegal cosmetics owners have created storms when several artists under the initials “VV” and “NK” were announced. However, it does not stop there as some other initials including “NR”, “OR”, “MP”, “DK” and “B” have been announced and will be examined. The juiciest news is that “NR” might stands for Nia Ramadhani. Nia’s best friend, Chacha Frederica, spoke up and said that she has not heard of this until recently and believes that if happens to be true Nia Ramadhani would definitely have no proper intentions of being caught up in illegal activity.

Rumour: unsure

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