Syahrini and Reino Barack: what’s REALLY going on?

One thing that has gotten all of us entirely confused and intrigued is what’s really going on between Syahrini and Reino Barack. However, we did find something fishy on Instagram, and we’re here to spill the beans. If you’ve kept up to the minute with Syahrini’s Instagram stories, you’ll have noticed that the sensational singer has posted a picture with the caption “11.11.” Similarly, Reino Barack posted a picture with the same caption—his reading “11:11 p.m.” Coincidence? Could this be their way of revealing the day they got together? Oh, the million-dollar question!

Rumour: unsure

Olla Ramlan’s arrogant personality

This week, our radar has picked up that actress Olla Ramlan has been rumoured to have shown her arrogant personality. If seen by fans in the mall, the gorgeous actress walks past by them as if she didn’t hear them. But is that really the case? Speaking on this matter, Olla Ramlan clarified that she has been using a hearing aid for her right ear since 2004. So no, fans: Olla is not arrogant—she might have just forgotten her hearing aid that day!

Rumour: false

Is there something we don’t know about Faisal Nasimuddin and Luna Maya?

Rumour has it that Luna Maya has been keeping herself busy with the son of a Malaysian conglomerate named Faisal Nasimuddin. These two have been posing fans a lot of unanswered questions, as Luna is often seen dropping likes and friendly comments on Faisal’s Instagram posts. Recently, she was also seen in a selfie with him and his friends. What do you guys think?

Rumour: unsure

Nikita Willy tying the knot?

If you enjoy keeping up with our favourite celebrities’ and socialites’ Instagram accounts, you’ll surely have come across Nikita Willy’s Instagram stories of her enjoying some wedding gown fitting time. These stories left netizens wondering if the Indonesian actress is about to tie the knot soon with her beau Indra Priawan. Do you guys think it’s true?

Rumour: unsure

Gading Marten and Gisella Anastasia’s visit child psychologist

When parents divorce, it’s always hardest on the children. Gading Marten and Gisella Anastasia, being the amazing parents they are, always want the best for their little girl, Gempita Nora Marten. Rumour has it that when the couple decided on getting a divorce, they realised that this would have a huge impact on their daughter, which is why they paid a visit to a child psychologist in order to get clarification on how to handle this situation the best way. 

Rumour: true

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