If news of Prince Louis’ birth and Kylie Jenner’s baby Stormi have given you baby fever, we’re here to prove to you that you don’t need to look far for more adorable kids to brighten up your days. Here, to continue our newfound tradition, we’re showing you six tiny trendsetters you might want to follow on Instagram who will surely bring joy to your day.


Maybe it’s the grin, maybe it’s the curls—whatever it is, Kathleen “Bibi” Fleur Abbygail could perhaps be one of the most adorable children on Instagram right now. With the recent video of her worryingly reprimanding her parents for running on the stairs, we know her kind little heart might warm anyone’s day.


As perhaps our youngest darling yet, beauty guru Stefany Talita’s newborn son El is already making days brighter in his mother’s Instagram posts and stories. Even though he can’t talk yet, Stefany’s son continues to make everyone fall for him with his minute expressions and innocent eyes.


At only 2 years old, Eri has captured the hearts of many people on social media. We suspect it has to do with her deep eyes and her chubby cheeks. As if that’s not enough, Eri seems to be able to pull off any look from edgy hipster outfits to boho chic dresses. Who doesn’t like to see adorable well-dressed kids?


No stranger to the limelight, Putri Titian is showing the world the joys of motherhood with her lovely son Iori. Taking him on different adventures, watch as Iori travels the world with either his trademark nonchalant face or his cheeky grin. While we love our little women, we also need to show love to the mini-men of Instagram.


If there is one thing Kate can pull off, it would be any kind of style. Whatever she wears, this tiny trendsetter never forgets to put her best feet forward and her brightest smile on. Whether it’s a preppy summer ensemble or an edgy sweatshirt and jeans combo, this mini model can pose like no other.


While parenting might not always be a walk in the park, moments like these would make anyone yearn to have a family of their own. Smeared in what seems to be her breakfast or lunch, Atiqah Hasiholan and Rio Dewanto’s daughter Salma shows the world you don’t always have to look perfect on social media. And who knows? Like Salma, sometimes your worst bad-hair days will brighten others’ days.

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