Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, now known as BTP, is on everyone’s lips after these days. One day after his release from prison, BTP posted a vlog of him and his son chatting inside a car. The video went viral and trended. Most likely it’s not solely because of BTP, but also of the handsome young man beside him, his dear son. In case you’re wondering about Nicholas Sean, we’ve handily compiled the necessary information—especially for you!

Who is he?

Nicholas Sean Purnama is the first-born of BTP and her former wife Victoria Tan. Nicho, Nicholas’s nickname, was born on September 17, 1998, which makes him 21 years old this year. Nicholas also has two younger siblings: an 18-year-old sister named Nathania, and the youngest brother, Daud Albeenner, who is 13.

Where does he study?

Nicholas is currently enrolling at Universitas Indonesia majoring in medicine, and learning from BTP’s recent vlog, Nicholas might be going to Australia this year or next to continue his studies.

What is he doing now?

Besides studying, Nicho is also an entrepreneur. Starting with his hobby of playing with an airsoft gun, Nicho began to establish his own airsoft arena play and café called as Bearhounds Airsoft & Cafe. The recreational arena is located in Pluit Village Mall, South Jakarta.

How close is Nicho with his father?

It should come as no surprise after watching the heartwarming vlog that Nicho has a close relationship with his father. We found a lot of father-and-son moments on their Instagram pages, including the latest one when Nicho picked up BTP from Brimob. Nicho even posted a picture of him and his father with such a heartfelt caption, expressing how grateful Nicho has that his father was back again in his life.

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