Representing the band of tastemakers and trailblazers that have defined our magazine and our website, these A-Listers perfectly encompasses just what we're all about – and it's exactly why we've relaunched our website with the #WeAreIndonesiaTatler hashtag.

You may have noticed that has done a complete makeover. After revamping, updating, and polishing up, the new is up and running with a fresh new look, improved navigation, and more comprehensive information dedicated to our online readers.

In celebration of the all-new look, we asked some of society's trailblazers and tastemakers for their thoughts on us, their definition of luxury, success, and quality lifestyle.

Their thoughts are part of the #WeAreIndonesiaTatler campaign, which focuses on 7 unique individuals (Raline Shah, Mesty Ariotedjo, Richard Muljadi, Kevin Maharis, Cosmas Gozali, Sabrina Joseph, and Reino Barack) in Indonesian society.

These young creative movers and shakers, truly represent the brand new look of, as we pick them as part of #WeAreIndonesiaTatler campaign. For these young modern figures, represents a lifestyle that is luxurious, thoughtful, and effortless.

Keep an eye out as we release one new video each day starting from tomorrow, each time featuring a different tastemaker, to celebrate the relaunch of


Raline Shah 

Mesty Ariotedjo

Richard Muljadi 

Kevin Maharis


Cosmas Gozali

Sabrina Joseph

Reino Barack


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