Having a stopover at the airport may not be such a bad thing, many people actually opt for long-haul flights that can take many hours and cross many time zones. The longest flights can take up to 17 hours, and if you’re like most then sleeping on the plane is not an option.

The result is fun-ending jet lag because no one can survive a time zone or two catching up with them. Many in the medical community are looking at possible solutions to put an end to jet lag woes but until they invent a magic jet lag pill, we’ve put together a few possible solutions to get you back on track.

 A Biological Rhythm

story-20170302141023-biological_resized_754x500.jpegYour circadian rhythm is a physiological cycle that matches up to the length of the day and your sleeping pattern. It also regulates when you feel hungry and when you feel the most active.

Therefore, the circadian rhythm is all about getting a good night’s sleep and your metabolism, which means if you consume and burn calories while trying to sleep you should be able to find it easier to beat jet lag into submission.

 A Natural Rhythm

story-20170302141039-naturalrhythm_resized_773x412.jpgRev-Erba, a protein discovered and studied by Dr Ronald Evans, has been found to be the master switch when it comes to controlling your circadian rhythm. However, the protein has not been fully researched yet and so stores are far from selling an over-the-counter “off switch”.

This means that for now, equal importance should be placed on eating and sleeping at the correct times in order to activate Rev-Erba protein. This will help to get you back onto a natural rhythm and relieve you jet lag.  

 Reset the Rhythm

story-20170302141040-reset_resized_570x500.jpgA-list nutritionist Kimberly Snyder has helped many famous stars with their sleeping woes and has recently written a book that discusses circadian rhythms at length. Snyder recommends breaking the normal cycle that the jet-legged traveller fall into.

This includes not going straight to a hotel and sleeping, but instead using fresh air and natural light to control when you should sleep and when you should wake up. This will help to reset your rhythm and give you a full night’s sleep.

For your first breakfast, she suggests we stay away from the normal sugary and fatty foods we crave when we are sleepy and alternatively go for foods which are high in antioxidants and amino acids, such as avocado or a veggie omelette.   

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