Breakfast by the pool is boring now because why have your breakfast by the pool when you can enjoy it inside! With the rising trend in many luxury resorts around the world, we decided to bring you fantastic roundup of gorgeous hotels in Yogyakarta for you to have breakfast right on top of your pool. Check them out!

Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta Resort & Spa

Sheraton Yogyakarta.png

Located in the heart of a city full of arts and cultural heritage, Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta Resort & Spa offers a different experience for guests who’d like to experience a floating breakfast. Guests can enjoy a selection of American breakfast or Indonesian breakfast. You can choose from mixed omelette served with any selection of breads. If you like to have an Indonesian breakfast, Sheraton Mustika also serves great fried rice.

Rajaklana Resort


Overlooking to Mount Merapi and Yogyakarta landscape from the distance, Rajaklana Resory Villa and Spa is a luxury accommodation for you who’d like to enjoy green living. Satisfy your palates with floating breakfast packed with the flavours of Indonesia taste.

The Rich Jogja Hotel


The Rich Jogja Hotel will serve you fresh juice, fresh bread basket and for the main breakfast selection, you can choose from waffle, mixed omelette served with different toppings like mushroom, sausage, beef bacon and vegetables. The floating breakfast is available everyday from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. at Rich Sky Pool and Lotus Swimming Pool.

Burza Hotel Yogyakarta


Burza Hotel Yogyakarta will serve you fresh fruit juice, selections of tea or coffee and fresh tropical fruit. For the main breakfast selection, you can choose from toasts with jam, mixed omelettes served with vegetables and sausages and any selection of Indonesian food.

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