Taking a flight with one or two stops in between can often reduce your travel costs considerably, so it’s becoming more and more common to find airports going that extra mile to make your stops less stressful and more memorable. Here, present to you a list of airports of the that have gone way above and beyond to ease your travel woes. Check them out!

 Changi Airport, Singapore

story-20170216151043-changi_resized_750x500.jpgMost airports will have a wide selection of things to occupy your time with, but ChangiAirport is the only one that can boast the world’s first butterfly garden. Passengers with time to spare can see some 1,000 tropical butterflies from 40 different species. Also, if you need to sit down, you can enjoy a film at the free cinema or a drink at the duty-free bar.

 Hamad International, Doha, Qatar

story-20170216151043-Hamad_resized_750x354.jpgSince its inception in 2014, this 24-hour hub of life is more like a mall than an airport. Top high-end brands and shops have packed many of the floors and offer a unique international shopping experience. However, it’s the ongoing art exhibition that truly sets Hamad airport apart from the rest by hosting renowned artists like Urs Fischer and other big names.

 Hong Kong International Airport

story-20170216151044-hongkong_resized_747x500.jpgAs the world’s busiest airport, it should come as no surprise that passengers have the opportunity for quality dining and exclusive shopping time at Hong Kong International airport as it houses more than 300 stores. Opt for something different and check out the golfing options available, such as the Green Live Air 18-hole simulation.

 Munich International Airport, Germany

story-20170216151045-munich_resized_667x500.jpgYou can’t even begin to think of visiting Germany without sampling some of the world’s best beers. To honour this, Munich International Airport houses the world’s first on-site airport brewery, which also provides tours and which is accompanied by a massive indoor beer garden. And it’s not only the adults who have all the fun—children can also enjoy the huge outdoor playground for hours of layover fun. 

Zurich Airport, Switzerland

story-20170216151047-Zurich_resized_619x500.jpgOut of all the airports on this list, Zurich has the most trains leaving regularly to take passengers on the 10-minute ride to the city centre. The airport is also one of the most family-friendly you will find, with great services offered in both the A and E departure areas. These include baby-care products, playrooms and even PlayStations for older kids. 

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