As much as most of us love travelling, one thing we all dislike is the same: layovers. They are anything but fun, and the longer the worst. Layovers vary according to different conditions, including time and location—long hours, uncomfortable seats, and stale food are simply no fun. However, the good news is that as travelling gets more and more commonplace, many airports now provide us with a range of facilities from sleeping pods to entertaining activities and everything in between. Here are six great airports for an enjoyable layover.

 Changi Airport, Singapore

With some 400 awards and plenty of recognition to its name, Changi Airport, Singapore is regarded by many as being among the best airports in the world. One thing that makes Changi Airport unique is that it offers something for every age group, so if you’re 15 or even 55, there is definitely something for you to do during your time spent there. These include eating in the myriad restaurants, checking out the butterfly garden, and making best use of the child-friendly facilities. And it doesn’t end there: if you’re a movie buff, head to the movie theatre, grab some popcorn, and get ready to be entertained. Let’s not forget the entertainment area and the complimentary 2.5-hour tour of Singapore!

 Incheon International Airport, South Korea

Incheon International Airport in South Korea is known as one of the largest and busiest airports in the world. If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ll definitely know that South Korea has gained a lot of recognition recently in terms of culture, food, and entertainment. Incheon gives you an exclusive taste of Korea through its airport. Learn more about Korea by paying a visit to the museum or be entertained by the variety of cultural performances on offer in the airport. For all movie buffs, the good news is that Incheon primary plays Korean movie hits. If you’re travelling with kids, take a peek at the ice rink, or the 18-hole course, which will definitely keep you and your little angels entertained throughout your layover.

 Dubai International Airport, Dubai

This surely has to be one of the fanciest airports in the world. Dubai International Airport is known to have the largest duty-free shopping area in the world, so shop your heart out when there, and the airport is home to many famous luxury brands. If you’re feeling a little adventurous and spontaneous, maybe hit the pool or take a trip to the 24-hour gym? If you’re feeling sleepy, the Zen gardens offers Snoozecubes. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

 Munich Airport, Germany

Known for its excellent beer, Munich Airport gives you a chance to try some of the country’s best brews. Munich Airport has breweries and tavern houses that will make your layover seem as short as ever. There is also a tour of the airport, which takes you behind the scenes to see what really goes on down there, as well as cabaret musicals for the old and young.

Vancouver International Airport, British Columbia

An airport that celebrates marine life is definitely one we love. Vancouver International Airport boasts a large 114,000-litre aquarium and trust us when we say it’s a marine heaven. You’ll see fishes, sea urchins, and more than 5,000 different marine animals. If you’re interested in smaller aquariums, Vancouver International Airport also has a 1,800-litre jellyfish aquarium. Moreover, the airport is known to blend art, architecture, mother nature, and marine life all in one. Don’t forget to drop by at the British Columbia’s landscapes and culture area to get to know the province’s history.


Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong

Known for its range of Michelin-starred restaurants, this layover is all about the best food. Treat yourself to some of Hong Kong’s local delicacies, or try something more international. At Hong Kong International Airport, both businessmen and casual travellers can enjoy the best of all worlds. Meanwhile, you can also relax at an IMAX theatre to pass your time or visit the Aviation Discovery Centre for a little aerial knowledge.

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