Having that excellent private event you yearn for may prove difficult in the busy city of Jakarta. With unconvincing quality, uncertain traffic, and unsuitable vibes, it may seems difficult and almost hopeless to realise your plan. Luckily for you, we have listed seven venues that are not only superb, but also very eccentric in their own way. Read on to start your journey from a classic Moroccan palace to a dreamy wedding paradise.

Rumah Maroko

Styled as a lavish Moroccan building with glimmering furniture and a crystal-clear pool area, this venue lives up pretty well to its name, which literally translates to “Moroccan House”. It subverts the typical Indonesian venues one would commonly know and transports its guests to the grand luxury of Morocco. The dishes complement the décor perfectly with various type of food, ranging from Moroccan, French, and Mediterranean to Indochinese cuisine.

Gedung Arsip Nasional

Once a house for the Dutch VOC Governor, this rustic colonial building has been massively revamped and recognised as a national heritage site. It offers both indoor and outdoor spaces for rent that can contain up to a thousand people in its humongous open plaza.

Omah Ndelik

Meaning “hidden house” in Javanese, Omah Ndelik is the perfect idyllic gateway for a remote and undisturbed private event in Jakarta. Located in the secluded part of the Jagakarsa area, it offers a unique stay thanks to its welcoming environment and interior, which fuses Manadonese and Javanese styles of architecture.

Batavia Marina

Dreaming of a luxurious private event on a grand and humongous cruise ship? Then the Batavia Marina is the best option to satisfy your aristocratic appetite. Not only grand, Batavia Marina also offers various spaces to make your day even more special, such as the Grand Baruna Ballroom, the wine and cigar lounge, the Commodore Room, and the Marco Polo Dining Room.

Omah Sendok

Nestled strategically in the metropolis area of Senopati, this restaurant offers a semi-outdoor venue accompanied by an open garden adorned with vintage-looking furniture and interior. Not only charming, it has become many people’s favourite with its addictive dishes and one-of-a-kind vibe.

Rumah Kartanegara

Adorned with classic furniture and antique goods from all around the world, Rumah Kartanegara converts the busy area of South Jakarta into an iconic Victorian heaven of Europe. Open for rent and private events, this venue also offers Batik painting lesson for your stay—exposing you to the rich culture of Java like never before.

Pendopo Kemang

If you’re looking for a dreamy spot to make your magical wedding dream come true in a prestigious area of Jakarta, then you can count on Pendopo Kemang to transform your big day into the most memorable event you would cherish for the rest of your life. Styled as Javanese with two joglo buildings on a 400-square-metre plot, this venue offers a truly unique experience unlike others on our list.


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