Italian luxury brand Bvlgari, renowned for its magnificent and unprecedented gemstone creations and scintillating designs, has inevitably enamoured the world’s most glamorous women. And now, the fashion brand has launched its new Divas’ Dream 2018 collection—a vibrant line of jewellery for women who sparkle in their own right.

Inspired by the fan-shaped mosaics in Rome’s ancient baths, Divas’ Dream embraces Italian femininity through the graceful curves of iconic fan motifs. The icon is a tribute to divas’ beauty rituals and their passion for la dolce vita, an intrinsic part of Bvlgari’s larger-than-life ethos.


The curvaceous shape makes for a gemstone cut that’s beautiful and unique, the perfect jewels for the equally gorgeous, singular women who wear them. For these indisputable paragons of style, the fan bursts to life in a cascade of brightly hued stones and the glittering colours of glamour: riveting pink rubellite and tourmalines, fanciful amethysts, spellbinding midnight-blue sapphires, irresistible emeralds, and other vivid hues.

As Bvlgari’s muse since 2016, supermodel Lily Aldridge is an unrivalled beauty whose natural magnetism exudes glamour and charisma. Because of this, she became this year’s face of Bvlgari’s Divas’ Dream jewels. In the campaign, Lily wore a stunning necklace, replete with dazzling aquamarines, diamonds, sapphire, and amethysts.


The design’s complimentary blue and violet shades are striking and captivating. In a fitting celebration of women who live colourful lives, other pieces in the collection beautifully bring together a riot of hues: blue topaz, amethyst, mandarin garnet, and pink and green tourmaline, all gathered in the perfect, feminine curves of the fan. And for a daily infusion colour, Divas’ Dream has single-toned pieces as well, such as rich-green malachite earrings or a pink tourmaline pavé necklace pendant set in gold… Whatever the diva’s whim, the Divas’ Dream collection is designed to express it.


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