Right from the moment it opened, the lavish Plaza Indonesia has never ceased to amaze visitors with both elegance and perfection. And earlier this week, the upscale shopping mall hosted a magnificent jewellery and fashion show called “Objects of Desire”, showcasing some of the most prestigious Indonesian jewellery designers and fashion collection.

The first day started out fabulously with dozens of amazing and renowned guests like Hony Chandra, Rika Fauzi, Aily Harsono, Rosaline Lie, and Margaret Vivi, among others flocking to the venue, waiting with bated breath to see the collection for the day. First up, Wanda House of Jewels teamed up with Alva to create HOWA: House of Wanda and Alva. The two collaborated in this glorious collision of glamour that saw strings of headpieces, headbands, and hairclips that can be shifted into pendants and brooches. Just like Wanda House of Jewels, HOWA also prioritises luxury, personalisation, hand-beading, and intricate details. Together, they succeeded in presenting an explosive kick-off for “Objects of Desire”.

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Photo: Courtesy of Plaza Indonesia

The next day was no less thrilling, with two sets of spectacular shows—one by Mondial and StellaRissa and another by Frank & co and Sebastian Gunawan with his collection SEBASTIANred. As a renowned jewellery brand that values meaning and intricate craftsmanship, it is no surprise that Mondial would go all out with its collaboration with the fashion label STELLARISSA. Founded by Stella Rissa, STELLARISSA has curated more than 20 pieces of its collection with around 20 sets of Mondial Jewellery. Through this thoughtful collaboration, the two embody the narratives of valiant women, capturing a romantic and alluring dialogue for “Objects of Desire”.

Last, but not least, we also witnessed the beautiful collaboration between Frank & co and Sebastian Gunawan, which made for a tremendously intricate and elegant show flaunted by flawless models walking down the runway. Through the SEBASTIANred Christmas Collection, influenced by Empress Theodora of the 6th century Byzantine Empire, the show showcased rich and vivid colours combined with metallic tones, such as gold and bronze, to exude a strong and dramatic vibe for the collection.


Photo: Courtesy of Plaza Indonesia

Offering only the best sets of jewellery—with diamonds having the colour grading of F and clarity of VVS—it’s no wonder that Frank & co would be the perfect match to complement the bold collection of SEBASTIANred. Certified by the Gemological Institute of America, Frank & co offers exclusive sets of jewellery, such as diamonds, gold, and other highly prized items.

All that said, the first two days of “Objects of Desire” managed to generate the most intricately elegant fashion shows of the month with gorgeous models and flawless collections of fashion and jewellery. But that’s not all: stay tuned for the second batch of shows next week (October 29 - November 2) and expect a more divine collection in the near future.


Photo: Courtesy of Plaza Indonesia


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