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In Olga Berluti’s eyes, there is nothing more beautiful than a leather shoe darkened with age. This alone has a soul, she once said, according to Ricardo Guadalupe, the CEO of Hublot. This led her to develop an incredible colour palette—a spectrum from light to dark—which makes these shoes unique, just like their owner.

One day, Olga bought an 18th century French letter at an auction, and from there Berluti’s “Scritto” line was born. The handwritten lines of text make their mark in this iconic collection, the expression of a labour of love crafted by hand. Encapsulating the Venezia leather—a natural material—in a water-resistant case was a feat in itself.

Transferring this to the world of watchmaking was a challenge the company relished. It was an exciting exercise to transpose the patina and the Scritto—two hallmark signs of Berluti’s expertise—onto the cases. Hublot successfully found a way to transpose these features to metal a material with entirely different physical attributes—and then imbue the cases with the “soul” of Berluti.

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The model is available in titanium or bronze, paired with a Venezia Cold Brown or Cold Gold leather strap. The two elegant hybrid timepieces are powered by the HUB1143 automatic chronograph movement and, from the strap to the dial, they showcase an infinite array of autumnal colours in all their contrasting shades. These timepieces are presented in a bespoke box containing a complete Berluti leather care set.

Each version of the piece is available in a limited edition of 200 pieces. The series was first launched at Hublot stores in Japan and in the New York Hublot boutique from 19 June to 20 July; it has been available worldwide since.