With a busy lifestyle, every second counts, and after a great workout you’ll want to get back to normal as soon as possible. Check out these five choice that’ll get you right back on track after a busy workout session. 

Wholewheat bread, tuna, hummus and spinach sandwichtuna fish sandwch.jpeg


If you’re looking to not only recover after a workout but also enjoy a nice bit of lunch, then a sandwich is a great choice. A tuna filling will be low in calories but high in protein and carbs, and spreading some hummus onto it will be a much better option then spreading on a thick layer of mayonnaise. Finishing off with some spinach leaves will give you an energy boost along and will help lower blood pressure.

Grilled chicken and mixed vegetablesgrilled chicken.jpeg


After a long workout, your body will be looking for something to fill up its engine. Chicken is a great way to fill up without feeling bloated, and with some vegetables in a bit of olive oil you can add a bit of variety while also helping your heart healthy after some heavy cardio.

Salmon with sweet potatosalmon.jpeg


Delicious salmon is filled with small protein molecules known as bioactive peptides. These help to reduce inflammation and also support those joints you just been working. Adding some sweet potatoes will restore your glycogen levels and your energy along with them.

Chocolate milkchocolate milk.jpeg


If you are looking for a glass of something special that has carbs and protein for muscle recovery, as well as water content to replace fluids lost as sweat plus calcium, sodium and sugar among other things, then look no further than a simple glass of chocolate milk.

Veggie omelette with avocadoomlete pixabay.jpg


When looking to help your muscles recover, eggs are a great sauce of vital protein. To make a change from breakfast, try and enjoy a nice omelette with a vegetable filling. Add some avocado to help absorb vitamins A, D, E and K that are packed into those lovely vegetables.

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