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No matter your age or size, Pilates has become increasing popular for a range of people in Jakarta and beyond. Aimed at helping your spine while improving your overall physique and health, Pilates is great way to stay fit while having fun. However, with increasing popularity comes an abundance of options. So, to help, here are six places where you might get something extra during your next studio visit.

Pilates Capital

If you are just starting out, then Pilates Capital is a great place to begin. The classes are designed so that as well as getting the maximum benefits you will also have a lot of fun. So head down to Surdiman for some surprising results.

Pilates @ Kemang

Located smack bang in the centre of Kemang this studio offers classes for the whole family, young and old, with mothers and kids enjoying tailored classes. Offering lots of space to move around in and excellent equipment, this is a great option for everyone. 

Bodyworks Pilates Studio

If you are simply looking for well-trained staff and up-to-date equipment, then try Bodyworks. There are two studios, located on the south side of town in Dharmawangsa City Walk and the Tirtahayu Healing Center in Senopati. Both offer expertly trained staff who are all certified.


Many people use Pilates as a way to overcome previous injuries and Pilatology is a perfect example of where to do it. Mixing Pilates and physiotherapy, this studio offers a non-aggressive way to help get over muscle strains or breaks. One of the few places to specialise in this field, this a very handy choice for those in need.

POP Pilates Studio

If nothing else, Pilates is meant to be fun. So POP Pilates, which is located in Puri Indah, does just that, by mixing Pilates with elements of dance and yoga. The result is a fun way to get quick results or by using the therapy elements to help alleviate back and shoulder pain.

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Vitruvian Studio is the only Stott Pilates Licensed Training centre in Indonesia and, as such, you expect expert help along with amazing facilities and here you get both. The studio doesn’t just offer Pilates, as you can find a full range of wellness-themed packages and courses. Check out the private lessons to get a more personal experience. 

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