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Many of us think of yoga as being dominated by females, so it’s no wonder male yogis are hard to find. But don’t worry as there are several amazing Indonesian yogis to follow on Instagram if you feel in doubt about doing yoga poses and need more inspiration. Here, we have compiled a list of seven must-follow Indonesian male yogis, whether founders or instructor, which will inspire you with their yoga poses, healthy lifestyles, and anything in between.

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Being one of the most famous names in town, Anjasmara, an actor-turned-yogi deserves to be on this list. Stalking his Instagram account, we learn that the father-of-three is literally doing yoga anywhere and at anytime, whether it’s at home or in classes. Anjasmara seems to love doing handstands and backbends, and it’s safe to say that he nailed them.

Fajar Putra

As the founder of Union Yoga and a professional instructor, Fajar Putra is the man behind the good figures of various celebrities in town. Fajar is also the pioneer of the Acroyoga trend among the celebrities and netizens. His instagram feed is full of inspiring pictures of him doing insane yoga poses with celebrities. Make sure to follow!

Dika Satjadibrata

Dika Satjadibrata is the bassist with the Jakarta-based pop rock band ADA Band and also a yoga practitioner. That’s why it seems bit difficult to know whether which one he likes doing more: music or yoga, since he has posted snaps of him doing inspiring yoga poses while holding a guitar in his hand. Who said you can’t do both?

Hendri Take

As the winner of Influence Asia 2015 in the category health of and fitness, it’s no doubt that Hendri Take’s shape always looks good. He keeps us amazed with his instagram feed boasting galleries of him travelling and, of course, doing yoga poses. One of our favourite pictures is of him doing a perfect handstand with the panoramic of Matterhorn in Switzerland as the background. Meanwhile, Hendri is also an entrepreneur who owns an online shop selling jamu in modern packaging.

Chris Setiadarma

Chris’s Instagram bio says it all: he is a travelling yogi, which is true since his instagram feed is awash with pictures of him doing yoga poses even during his holidays. Our favourite is when Chris did a handstand in front of the Universal Studios iconic globes. And let’s not forget: Chris’s adorable tiny daughter also sometimes makes it into his pictures.

Martin Elianto

Another must-follow yogi in town is Martin Elianto. The Bogor-based yogi is the owner of Martasya Yoga Shala and has been practising since 2011. His love for the practice can be seen clearly from his Instagram page. You will see heaps of snaps him doing insane handstands even when he is on a trip.

Ricky Saputra

Last but not least on this list is Ricky Saputra. This Indonesian yoga teacher definitely has us in awe over how flexible his body is. Not only that, Ricky also doesn’t hesitate about doing marvellous yoga poses anywhere. He even did the wheel pose in front of Monas, and, to say the least, it was perfect.

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