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We talked about food trends in 2019, and now it’s time to talk about wellness trends. Pinterest released its top wellness trends for 2019 based on the number of searches on its platform just in time to start the new year. From home exercises to natural skincare ingredients, we have it all covered. Most of the trends in this list put the theme “self-care” on centre stage—from exercising at home to getting better sleep and taking better care of our skin, it’s time for us to put in the time and effort to reap the health benefits that we very much need. And most of the trends doesn’t cost much, so start your wellness journey now!

More sleep, please!

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Sleep optimisation and sleep logging is also a growing search term as more and more people are struggling to have enough or good-quality sleep. There are several ways that can improve sleep quality—soundproofing your bedroom walls, banishing TV, or turning off smartphones an hour before you sleep are just some of the things you can do. Some smart products that are on the market right now include a weight blanket and blue light bulb among many other great tools. Good sleep will also lead to better appearance, which we will discuss next.

Skincare made from natural ingredients

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A new star is on the horizon as searches for plant extract bakuchiol have risen. Interest in natural alternatives to medications has been around for quite some time, but this new ingredient might potentially disrupt the long-standing popular ingredient: retinoids. For some, bakuchiol is less irritating than retinoid, thus making it a great alternative while still offering the same benefits. Other than bakuchiol, searches for DIY goat soap is also increasing due to its gentle and moisturising properties. Perfect for that dry winter season.

The marvelous matcha


More people are choosing matcha over green tea because of the fact that with matcha, you’re drinking the whole tea leaves instead of just water infused with green tea leaves. As it is grown under shade, it increases the amount of chlorophyll content which cause them to turn bright green and full of nutrients. Their superpower extends beyond that as they are rich in antioxidants called catechins, which are believed to have cancer-fighting properties. Go get matcha now!

Exercise at home!

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As a believer in home exercise myself, I don’t see it as surprising that more people are leaning towards home exercise. With the vast amount of exercise videos and apps to help you exercise anywhere you like, home exercises will be a major trend in the next few years. Specifically, more people are searching for resistance-band workouts because of its mobility and effectiveness in delivering results. You can get a cheap one on any major e-commerce sites like Tokopedia and Lazada.

Restorative exercises

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The rising trend of restorative exercises from last year will also continue as more people see the benefits of recovery exercises like yoga and stretching. Float therapy (sensory deprivation while being submerged in a pod), cryotherapy (cold therapy), and grounding (connecting with nature) are some of the restorative experience that will continue to see the limelight. Now, let’s take a breather before we go on, shall we?

Sober living

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Do you even know how much alcohol have you consumed in the recent holiday season? Uh-huh: we bet you didn’t really count how much booze you downed in the midst of the festive season. However, it seems like more people are actually choosing to be sober, with searches for sober living up by 746 on Pinterest. It’s no longer just a fad: more people are actually looking to be sober so that they can be healthier and more focused. Alcohol can impair restorative sleep, so that explains why you may wake up feeling tired or unrested after a night of boozing. It’s not just tiredness—it might even cause you to be grouchy and depressed. Definitely not something that we want to be, right?

Sustainable products

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With more restaurants banishing single-use plastic straws, the sustainable trend now includes beeswax wraps. They are reusable, effective in keeping your lunchboxes fresh, and definitely much better for the planet. Nuff’ said.

Magical elderberry

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Touted as the magical berry for its potential ability to improve cold and flu symptoms and heart health aside from containing high levels of antioxidants, elderberry has seen increasing popularity in terms of number of searches. Although we encourage you to be aware of the risk posed by consuming unripe elderberries as they can cause stomach problems. Best way? Consume it in tea form.

Be your own gardener

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Avocados are all the rage nowadays with their touted health benefits that include better skin and weight loss. But did you know that gardeners don’t need their own farms to grow the amazing avocado? All you need is some soil, how-to instructions, patience and Voilà! You have the ingredient to make delicious guacamole!

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